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Project Details

Chimney Sweeping Information Website for

The Brief

Become a Chimney Sweep is a website for people interested in starting Chimney Sweeping.

The client contacted me to see if I could build a simple website that could display all the required information. In addition, the site needed to be simple to use as the client needed to regularly update the content.

The Solution

A simple 5-page website. Individual pages for each category makes navigating the site super easy.

Firstly, the homepage has a brief about section before going into a summary of how to become a chimney sweep. Secondly, the Becoming a Chimney Sweep page expands on the information from the homepage. This page also contains the rough costs of setting up as a chimney sweep and details a standard chimney sweeping day. This page gives viewers a good insight into the process of becoming a chimney sweep. After that, there are equipment and associations pages. The equipment page goes into the different types of chimney sweeping equipment. The associations’ page lists the major chimney sweeping associations including their contact details.

Finally, I added a trade shows page so the client can add information on any upcoming industry related trade shows that may be useful.

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