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Project Details

A project close to my heart, A Busy Mother’s Journey is my own personal blog, a place to express myself as a mother but also as an individual and a woman.

The Brief

I wanted A Busy Mother’s Journey to reflect my personality, to be almost an extension of myself. Somewhere I could share my opinions, thoughts, likes and dislikes.

The Solution

For this project, I took the pages from Ian’s under performing website and them into a new 9 page website design.

Firstly, I added the content from the original pages to the new site and optimised for search engines using the relevant keywords for each page. Secondly, I added a voice over page to showcase some of Ian’s previous voice over work. In addition, I added a Being King Rat page to document Ian’s 2 years as King Rat for The Grand Order of Water Rats. Finally, I duplicated the whole website to a sub-domain with no contact details. So that agents could direct clients to this site and have them to return to them to make the booking.

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