Building Services Logo – Jake Fox

Project Details

Building Services Logo for Llanfyllin, Mid Wales based builder Jake Fox.

The Brief

Jake got in touch about a logo for his Building Services business. Firstly, Jake wanted to use  a fox in some way as it’s his last name. In addition, Jake’s only other stipulation was he wanted a mostly orange logo.

The Solution

Firstly, a very straight edged blocky font was used and coloured in Jakes requested orange, this font was chosen to represent the straightness of bricks and the orange was an obvious choice for this. Secondly, the foxes head replacing the ‘O’ in the name Fox also worked well with the orange colouring already applied to this portion of the logo. In addition, adding a black outline to the text added to the hard-edged effect carried throughout this Building Services Logo.

In conclusion, this logo takes all of the client’s requirements into account and adds in a bit more styling to create a Building Services Logo the client can be proud of.

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