Chimney Sweeping Exhibition Flyer – Rodtech

Project Details

Chimney Sweeping Exhibition Flyer for world-leading Chimney Sweeping Equipment manufacturer Rodtech UK Limited.

The Brief

Rodtech needed a flyer to advertise the fact they would be attending the Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps Trade show. Firstly, the flyer needed to be instantly recognisable as Rodtech. Secondly, the flyer needed to contain details of the equipment Rodtech offers for sale. Finally, the flyer needed to clearly communicate Rodtech’s stand number at the exhibition.

The Solution

Firstly, a prominent Rodtech UK Logo supported by Rodtech’s distinctive colour scheme guarantees this Chimney Sweeping Exhibition Flyer is instantly recognisable as Rodtech UK. Secondly, a list of products on offer at the exhibition written in a contrasting colour to the background immediately draws attention. In addition, the addition of images of some of Rodtech’s most well-known products adds to the visual appeal of this flyer.

In conclusion, this chimney sweeping exhibition flyer is instantly recognised as Rodtech by anyone in the Chimney Sweeping industry and clearly displays the stand number in a contrasting colour making it easy for anyone visiting the exhibition to easily find Rodtech UK.

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