Chimney Sweeping Logo – Become a Chimney Sweep

Project Details

Chimney Sweeping Logo for informational website Become a Chimney Sweep.

The Brief

Become a Chimney Sweep requested a logo for a new website providing information to people looking into becoming a chimney sweep. In addition, they requested that strong references to chimney sweeping were used.

The Solution

Firstly, the rosette outer shape gives this chimney sweeping logo a look of distinction. Secondly, the blue in this logo creates a sense of trust and security in the brand. In addition, the deep red was chosen because red is known to create a sense of urgency and importance. Finally, the addition of some common chimney sweeping elements such as the top hat and chimney sweeping brush create a sense of relevance within the logo.

In conclusion, this simple logo combines several elements that give this logo a feeling of trustworthiness and importance whilst maintaining a feeling of relevance to the subject of the website.

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