Sports Consultant Flyer – Good Vitality

Project Details

Sports Consultant Flyer for alternative health expert David Ison of Good Vitality.

The Brief

David got in touch about a Sports Consultant Flyer specifically to target golfers. Firstly, David wanted an eye catching design. Secondly, the flyer needed include wording specifically aimed at golfers. In addition, David requested a success stories section to show some previous clients’ experiences. Finally, the flyer needed to advertise David’s offer of a FREE Taster Session.

The Solution

Firstly, a catchy, bold title accompanied by 2 large golf orientated images grabs attention and makes it clear the flyer is aimed at golfers. Secondly, bold bullet pointed lists with golf specific keywords emphasise the target audience for this sports consultant flyer. In addition, the addtion of the ‘My Experience’ section gives readers the confidence that David is on top of his game in the Sports Consultancy field. Finally, placing 2 client testimonials in bold blue blocks just above the contact information draws attention to the experiences of others, further emphasising Davids skills and professionalism.

In conclusion, adding all of David’s requirements in an eye catching manner on this sports consultancy flyer means it is exactly what the client wanted and sits perfectly compliments all of David’s branding and other marketing materials.

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