Martial Arts Flyer – Stewart Walker

Project Details

Martial Arts Flyer for qualified martial arts instructor Stewart Walker.

The Brief

Stewart called wanting a martial arts flyer to promote his self defence coaching classes. Firstly, Stewart wanted the design to really stand out. Secondly, the flyer needed to clearly communicate the subject of the information. Finally, the flyer needed to include session pricing in a clear and concise manner.

The Solution

Firstly, a bold green strip across the width of the flyer immediately catches the eye of the viewer, drawing them in to the rest of the content. Secondly, a large image of a man in martial arts uniform makes the subject matter immediately evident. In addition, the inclusion of a martial artist in the header of the flyer helps to cement the subject in the readers mind. Finally, placing the session prices in a simple, bold font and then placing the information inside a box makes this information stand out and easy to read.

In conclusion, the combination of all the elements in this martial arts flyer means it meets all the clients requirements and sits beautifully with the rest of Stewart’s marketing materials.

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