Everyone knows what a business card is but what is its actual purpose?

First and foremost a business card is used to provide your contact information to potential customers, but that’s not its only purpose, a well-designed business card will also help your customers to remember you and your company.

Business cards can also reflect your company’s values and differentiate you from your competition, It’s highly likely that anyone who has your business card also has one of your competitor’s cards, with this in mind it makes sense that your business card should make a lasting impression on anyone who sees it, some people opt to use gimmicks such as unusual shapes or folds in their business cards but often these only serve as a hinderance to potential customers, have you ever tied putting a heart shaped card into your wallet/purse for any length of time?

A well designed, direct and visually appealing business card that effectively projects you or your companies identity is often just as effective at creating a lasting impression as a novelty card.

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