Sticker & Label Printing

Attractive, functional stickers and labels to help your business stand out and excel.

Stickers & Labels


Stickers & Labels can be an excellent tool for promoting your business.

Unfortunately, Stickers & Labels are often underused as a marketing tool, a well designed, high-quality sticker or label can make a huge difference to your companies branding.

Stickers & Labels come in all shapes and sizes and can be used for a multitude of different tasks including product labels, return address labels, freebies and a whole lot more, with this in mind it becomes clear to see how valuable a sticker or label can be to your marketing efforts.

As well as raising awareness of your brand a sticker can also be used to provide key information about your products or services such as prices, contact information or a products unique selling point (USP).

I can produce stickers & labels in a wide variety of shapes and sizes from full A4 size, ideal for product promotion in shops or for applying to packaging materials such as boxes, to small circular or rectangular labels perfectly suited for use as freebies or return address labels.

Address Labels - Aquabox Design

Address Labels

When posting items it is always a good idea to include a return address on your parcel, this lets your customers know their much-anticipated delivery has arrived and provides the courier with your address to ship back to should delivery to the recipient not be possible.

I can design and print customised address labels for your brand in many different shapes and sizes to help you protect your products from loss.

Contact me to discuss your address label requirements, shape and size.

Business Labels

There are lots of ways in which a business can use a label. They can be used on parcels to show where a package came from, they can be used on products to display important information such as part numbers or batch numbers and a whole host of other uses, the only limit is your imagination.

I can design and print business labels in various shapes and sizes up to A4 to suit your specific requirements.

Contact me to discuss your business label requirements, shape and size.

Business Labels - Aquabox Design
Logo Stickers

Logo Stickers

The possible applications for a logo sticker are countless, they can be used on packaging, on products and as giveaways to name but a few. A Logo Sticker is a great way of getting your brand in front of customers / potential customers.

Logo Stickers can be designed and printed in various different sizes including contour cut to the shape of your logo up to A4 in size.

Contact me to discuss your logo sticker requirements, shape and size.

E-Liquid / Vape Labels

First impressions count so if your labels look low quality most people will automatically assume your juice is the same, that’s why having a professionally designed and printed label on your bottles is an absolute must!

I can design and print labels in many sizes to suit your Vape Label requirements, I have produced labels to suit all standard sized E-Liquid bottles including; 5ml, 10ml, 30ml, 60ml, 100ml and 120ml bottles.

Contact me to discuss your E-Liquid / Vape label requirements, shape and size.

Vape / E-Liquid Labels - Aquabox Design
Product Stickers - Aquabox Design

Product Stickers / Labels

Another great use for stickers and labels is for product packaging. Often the best way to package an item ends up with it looking quite plain, a product sticker or label is a perfect, cost effective way to add visual appeal to your products whilst displaying all the relevant information required such as your business logo, web address, contact details, safety warnings etc.

Product Stickers can be printed in many different shapes and sizes to suit your needs.

Contact me to discuss your Product Label requirements, shape and size.